Ergonomic Gardening Tools Reduce My Pain

Friends and family hear me complain about my painful wrists a lot.  These days I sometimes ask for help in chopping food or in opening jars packages.  It’s all related to wrist damage that was done over the years I spent working in journalism, public relations and advertising.  First I worked on a manual typewriter, then an electric typewriter and then moved to word processors and personal computers.

Just a few years ago I purchased an ergonomic keyboard for my office and that reduced the pain significantly.  That was at the suggestion of friend Kathleen Wainwright who is an occupational therapist and a Feldenkrais® practitioner and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner.  She came over and did a work station analysis that helped in the office and then she came back and watched me garden.

She suggested that ergonomic tools for the garden would also benefit me and so I went online looking and found these great tools from Radius.  I've been using them for two seasons now and it's made a huge difference in the pain I experience.

The Radius Root Slayer With Ergonomic Handle

The Radius Root Slayer With Ergonomic Handle

More recently I learned about another great offering from Radius — the Root Slayer gardening shovel, pictured at the right. I ordered it and have it waiting for the first spring day when I can get out in the garden. So while I don’t have personal experience with the Root Slayer, it came recommended to me by a fellow master gardener who swears by it for taking out those horrible roots that I so often find when trying to dig a new spot for a new plant. Best of all — it also features an ergonomic handle with lots more gripping surface than your typical garden tool handle.

I'm not sure where you can find Radius tools in local shops - it may depend on the size of the city where you live and the type of gardening stores you frequent.  If your local selection is limited or non-existent you can find them - as I did -  on Amazon by following the “Buy on Amazon” button under the tool photo below. If you have any wrist pain I think you’ll be glad you did. They’ve worked well for me.

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